A closet is handy for storing clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories. It needs to be more functional to make it easy to declutter your room and organize your stuff. It should also be convenient to access, durable and stylish to improve your overall aesthetics.

Depending on your space, you can customize a walk-in closet or a reach-in wardrobe to suit your storage needs more. A well-designed wardrobe maximizes space, and here are some ideas you can use to improve your new or existing closet.

Take advantage of the vertical dimension.

As the need for more space increases, it is best to take advantage of all the vertical space you have in the room when designing a closet. You can design your wardrobe from the ceiling and down to the floor to have an ideal hanging space. The less accessible spaces near the ceiling are perfect for storing suitcases and seasonal items. You can incorporate shelves on one side and drawers below for storing items you use all the time. The best thing about a customized built-in wardrobe is that you can design the interiors according to your needs.

Think about lighting

You have to see what is inside for your wardrobe to work. Otherwise, you will spend more time searching for clothes to dress up if the lighting around your closet is wanting. The natural light from windows is okay, but you need artificial lighting when the sun fades. The positioning of the lights needs to be correct to ensure you don’t cast a shadow on the closet when looking for items. LED lights are ideal for such purposes, and you can put them strategically to shed light on your clothes, shoes, accessories, and mirrors.

Know your needs

Wardrobe design experts at https://slidingrobesdirect.com/ advise that you evaluate your storage needs and closet habits before designing a wardrobe. For instance, you will need more space for storing your socks if you usually bunch them instead of rolling them. Think about the clothes you have and the most common ones in your closet. For instance, you need more hanging space if your wardrobe has many dinner gowns, long jackets, and coats. You should design a custom closet to suit your needs and serve you.

Design around visibility

Keep visibility in mind when designing your new closet or revamping the existing one. Most of your essential items should be at an eye-level, less used below and the least used above. Being able to see and access all your socks, ties, innerwear, and other essential items speeds up your dressing time. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the many wardrobe accessories available, including dividers, tie racks, belt racks, glass-fronted doors, and jewelry organizers to keep your closet as organized as possible.

Think about the floor

The floor of your closet matters because you need to watch out for mold, air breeders, and dust. Although a carpet is cozy, it may be challenging to vacuum every other time. You can use wood or vinyl for maximum cleanability on your closet floor.

The takeaway

Look for an experienced wardrobe designer to design your closet around your needs.