When it comes to decking, one of the products that has really been growing in terms of popularity, is composite decking. To those of you who may not be aware, the material is man-made and consists of a mixture of plastics, wood-fibers and bonding agents. Composite decking is treated with heat to solidify the mixture, formed into boards for decking and then cooled. If you are looking to build a deck, composite decking is a great option for you, and here we take a look into exactly what this material will offer.

 Benefits of Using Composite Decking

The main reason why this has become such a popular choice in recent years is down to the range of benefits which the material is able to offer. To begin with this is a material which is very easy to maintain and it requires nothing like stains or treatments to protect the surface. Not all of us are as good at decking maintenance as we should be, making this the best material. Additionally these composites come in a wide variety of colors because we are not restricted by the natural tones of the timber.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, composite decking is also a material which is helping the environment. The materials used in the composition are often recycled and the more composite we buy, the less trees need to be chopped down. And finally this is an easy material to work with and it is incredibly durable, offering a life span of around 25 to 30 years.

 Drawbacks To Composite Decking

The technology is improving in the creation of composite decking, but there are still a number of drawbacks which we have to factor in. Firstly there is the price, composite is more expensive than most timbers. When it comes to timber supplies Melbourne has a number of stockists which also sell composite. Seeing these materials side by side just shows the difference you’ll find in price.

Another issue which some have with composite is that no matter how hard we try to make it look like the real thing, it simply isn’t. It is relatively easy to tell when a deck is made from composite, and some just prefer to invest in a high quality timber for their deck. Finally it is important to remember that composite is low-maintenance, not no-maintenance. Deck owners will still have to regularly sweep the deck and give it a wash down from time to time.

 Should you Buy Composite?

As we have mentioned, composite decking is much more popular now than it ever has been. In terms of whether or not you should buy it, the key will be to weigh up the pros and cons and compare them with whatever timber you may be interested in. One thing which you should bear in mind is that if you do buy composite, be sure to compare prices between stockists, because they really can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Any more questions which you may have about a composite deck, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below this post, we’d love to hear from you.

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