The chandelier is an extremely important décor and practical item in your home. It can easily become the centerpiece of attention because the chandelier is that item that visually connects the floor with the ceiling. The Federalist offers a wide range of antique reproduction chandeliers that are handcrafted traditionally by highly skilled artisans. You can find here different styles of chandeliers such as Regency, Federal, Chippendale, Pagoda, or Adams designs.

The antique reproduction chandeliers available here feature beautiful 18th and 19th-century beauty and glamour. All the antique reproduction chandeliers available here come with details such as florals, rhomboids, crosses, leaves, and other such detail finishes. You can even find 18rh century style chandeliers that feature beautifully carved eagles. The chandeliers here are inspired by amazing historical designs, made with great attention to detail.

  • Antique brass chandeliers- you can bring an instant touch of glamour and beauty into your home. You can add a beautiful 18th-century handcrafted Federalist-style chandelier to the entryway, the dining room, or any other space in your room that you wish. You can find online many antique reproduction crystal chandeliers that feature ultra-modern electrical composition but stay true to the original design of the era. These crystal chandeliers are made with hundreds of multifaceted crystals that reflect and magnify light throughout the entire room in a truly magical way. You can also choose among a wide range of crystal chandeliers- made with brass, metal chandeliers, reproduction antique chandeliers, made with bronze or wood, and so on.

Antique reproduction chandeliers will instantly capture the attention. They are beautifully crafted and offer an instant natural glow to any room. You can choose from elaborate-style crystal chandeliers or the more toned-down wooden chandeliers with less intricate details. The Federalist offers a wide range of reproduction style chandeliers for both minimalist and more elaborate home designs. The chandeliers also come with different numbers of candles- from 3 and up to 24 candles, and each of them features beautiful, handcrafted designs. Check the available chandeliers and select the one that best suits your needs and wishes.