Getting your first apartment is a big step towards independent living. While decorating and furnishing your new apartment may feel daunting, using simple techniques and tips can help you get the right affordable furniture and accessories to express your unique personality. “From choosing the right furniture and décor to creating a functional layout, this guide will provide you with all the necessary tips on how to furnish your new apartment. With the help of these tips, you can create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family while making sure that it fits within your budget. Check out apartments for rent in pasadena ca “. Using the room-by-room guide below, you can have your new apartment furnished and decorated in no time.


Your kitchen is often the focal point of your apartment, especially when entertaining. Whether you have a small apartment kitchen or a larger one, you want to set it up with a table and at least a couple of chairs. Consider adding bar stools in areas around the walls to encourage people to sit and hang out while you cook. With limited cabinet space, you can hang pots and pans that give the kitchen a charming look. If your kitchen has dark areas, adding under cabinet lights will help brighten up this room.

Living/Dining Room

Often, small apartments combine the living and dining room together. You can keep an open space between these two features for an expansive feel, or separate the room with a divider such as a flexible, folding screen. If you’re short of storage space, consider getting a room divider with shelves or cubby holes to store books and sentimental items.

For the living area, look for small loveseats to relax on, a futon couch that can double as a fold-out bed, and a couple of sitting chairs to read in. For the dining room table, choose one with folding sides or that comes with add-on leaves. When you’re by yourself or just your roommate, you can minimize the table so you have more space in the room. When entertaining, fold the sides of the table up or add leaves for more room. Keep a couple of folding chairs handy for when guests stop by.


Apartment bedrooms vary in size. If you have a studio apartment you’ll want a fold-away bed or futon in the main living area. For one-bedroom apartments, you have more space to add a twin or queen-sized bed. A sitting chair is important to add to your bedroom. The chair gives you a place to relax, read, and sit while putting on your shoes. Many apartments have limited closet space, so you can get creative with wicker storage bins, hanging a curtain rod across the walls for hanging clothes, or even using milk crates to store items like jeans and sweaters.

Office Space

If you work from home and are looking for apartments for rent, you may want to find an apartment with a room or space perfect for setting up a work-at-home office. You want a comfortable chair or even a stability ball for a seat and a table big enough to hold your laptop and a few desk accessories. If you have a bit of wall space, add a tall, slender bookcase to hold papers, files, books, and items that help inspire you.

Have fun finding furnishings and accessories for your apartment. With a little bit of creativity, you can have a cozy home that feels welcoming and makes you happy.

Image via Flickr by wiccahwang