It is hard to deny that global warming is real, bearing in mind all the drastic climate changes in recent years. The UK has suffered one of the strongest heatwaves which had the whole nation worried about how to keep safe during it. The country has not been built to withstand such temperatures and while other places may have great air conditioning, Britain’s not as prepared for 40 degrees Celsius.

Even though this heatwave has passed, there is no guarantee that there won’t be another one again soon. That is why it is vital that we are all prepared for it when it comes. Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some of the best things you could do yourself at home to keep cool and safe during such circumstances.

Tip 1: Ice Fan

People’s first instinct amidst a heatwave is to buy a fan as an alternative to an air conditioning. While that is a great decision, there is something you can do to elevate that solution. Simply place an ice bowl in front of it in order to create a colder effect. It’s a simple trick but does the job nicely.

Tip 2: Windows Closed, Curtains Down

It’s important that you keep your windows closed during the hottest hours of the day in order to retain the cooler air which is inside your house. Thinking that you are going to get some fresh air or a breeze is most likely not going to work out in a heatwave. Instead try opening the windows during the night so that some colder air can enter your house and hopefully stay there for longer. The way it can stay cooler is by also keeping your curtains closed. Having them open will turn your room into a greenhouse so be mindful. If you want to open up a window though, there is a smart trick using your curtains or a bed sheet. Give them a cold rinse in the washing machine until they are wet but not dripping and then put them up again with an open window. It will give your room a cooling effect and once it starts heating up again you can spray it with some cold water to keep it moist.

What’s more, it is known that darker colour and especially black tends to absorb the heat and therefore keep the warm for longer which is why it is recommended that during hot days you should put up your lighter in colour curtains. White can be a great one to reflect the light rather than absorb it.

Tip 3: Ditch the Hot Showers

We all know those people who will shower with hot water even during summer, we may know them, we may be them. However, it is vital that you don’t get steamy during a heatwave. Replacing your piping hot shower with not just cool but cold water one is going to leave you feeling fresh for longer. It is also the safe thing to do as you never know how this unusual heat may affect your body.

Tip 4: Make Use of Your Freezer

Your freezer can come in handy during those hot summer days other than just storing frozen fruit and meals. A quirky hack which many have suggested is putting your sheets in a plastic bag and in the freezer for a few minutes before going to bed. It’s no secret that one of the worst things during a heatwave is trying to get a good night’s sleep. The inability to fall asleep due to the heat is amongst one of the worst feelings and this little trick could spare you from that struggle.

Tip 5: Be Mindful of Fabrics

Little do people know that the fabric of your clothes, bed sheets and curtains is of great importance as well when it comes to heat. Natural material such as cotton and linen are known for their breathable qualities and are much better at keeping your home cooler than man-made ones like polyester. Blackout curtains are also a great choice since they are designed with the function of blocking out sun and noise in mind. Not only are they better for such weather conditions but also their quality is much better and will be more beneficial to your skin.

Despite the fact that the UK does not normally get such hot days, it is good to always be prepared considering the global climate state and the increasing temperatures worldwide. These little hacks will help you for the time being but if the weather continues to act out like this, it’s worth thinking of more permanent solutions for the future. 

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