To put it simply, an architect plans and designs buildings and areas of land in order to facilitate aesthetic and practical uses. Architects go back millennia, every building ever built by a human was designed and overseen by an architect: the Pyramids of Giza, the Empire State Building and the Shard are all examples of architectural genius and prowess.

How Can an Architect Help You?

If you’re looking to make any form of modification or addition to your home, an architect is crucial in not only ensuring its success, but also improving its overall magnificence. By hiring an architect to assist your build, you can boost the value of your home, as they add in small or large details that can have a monumental difference, adding to your value for money. Furthermore, many ideas that you have may be much more difficult to act on than you might think. In order to make sure these innovative plans reach the final stages, hire an architect from Happinest, who can assist you in your property construction or modification.

What is the Easiest Way to Hire an Architect?

Finding an architect to assist your plans has never been easier. With Happinest Architect Near Me, you can request an architect at the click of a button. There are four simple steps to Architects Near Me at Happinest:

  • Receive a free consultation from a Happinest architect – Organise a meeting, online or face-to-face, during which the architect will evaluate the property and begin to understand the project you want to achieve. Furthermore, the design brief will be discussed, where you can ensure that your desired features appear in the initial design.
  • Drawing and building plans – The highly skilled architects of Happinest will begin drawing up the plans needed for your project and complete any structural calculations that are required.
  • Alterations and amendments – Freely make any changes to the plans that you see fit. These changes are not limited in number and the architect will also aid in your choices, ensuring they are possible for your build, and making changes to facilitate them if they are not.
  • Planning Process and Approval – The final stage is setting the works in motion. The plans will be sent where they are required and the planning permission will be applied for via the local council. Throughout the planning process and other stages the architect will have been ensuring that the build is optimised to receive council approval. Once this planning has been finalised and the permission has been approved, building can commence.

Why Let a Happinest Architect Aid You in Building Your Dream House?

Allowing a Happiness architect to influence your build, whether it be new or merely a modification or extension will result in many positives:

  • An Extra Opinion – Sometimes having a 3rd party opinion on any project, especially one where aesthetic is crucial, always has a positive effect as they are able to see it from another perspective.
  • Expertise – The architects at Happinest are experienced and well-educated in their departments. Therefore, not only will their opinions on your ideas be valid, but they may have new, brilliant ideas that you may not have thought of.
  • Aids with planning approval – At Happinest, they have a 98% approval rate on planning permission. In turn, the Happinest architects influence will aid you in obtaining planning approval from the council, a process that can take valuable weeks, and shouldn’t be wasted trying to obtain planning permission.
  • Why not? – An initial consultation is free, so why not get an expert opinion on your ideas?