Backyard sheds have come a long way from the basic 6×8 rectangular structure, and the way in which we use sheds has also changed greatly. Thanks to custom shed design we can have these buildings created in just about any way that we need, and any size which you require.

Here in Melbourne sheds really do come in all shapes and sizes and when you see some of the designs which people have created, it shows you just what is possible with these buildings. No matter whether you need a summer house, a workshop or backyard storage, these are some of our favorite shed designs which you could consider.

Wood and Green

Inspired by the world of Hobbits, this delightful shed is constructed using high quality timber and can be built in a range of sizes. The real charm of this particular shed is that instead of using unpleasant-looking membrane or metal on the roof, it instead uses a rubber roof with grass seeds sown into it. The result is a shed which fits in with the garden perfectly, fully protected and aesthetically delightful.

A Delightful Vintage Cottage

The vintage cottage design is often used as a ‘she-shed’ using a quaint design and feminine colors to create the ideal hideaway. These backyard sheds are ideal for spending some time relaxing on summer days and incorporate a lot of storage space too, making the option of a workshop viable. These sheds feature lots of windows to allow the natural light to flow in and wooden flooring for insulation and style.

Urban Greenhouse

Backyard sheds really can be whatever you want them to be, and that is why we love this urban greenhouse design. Traditional greenhouses used metal structures to support the glass, but this shed uses strong wooden beams with high quality glassware. The result is a shed which can be used to grow all manner of plants, but also which doesn’t overheat, ensuring that you can also use the space to relax once the garden work is done.

Building Out

If you have the space to play with then consider not only a great looking backyard shed, but building out from it to create a deck which you can enjoy. This not only amplifies the space which the shed occupies, but it also means that you can fill up the shed more with storage, and use that space outdoors for relaxation, barbecues or even to have a little dance by the moonlight.


Here in Melbourne sheds are not only created using new materials, but also recycled materials which have been reimagined and redesigned. So many people are now looking to create new pieces by upcycling old materials, even turning old trailers into shed spaces. This is attractive for a number of reasons; it is environmentally friendly; it is certainly unique and it gives you a world of possibilities to be creative, determined by the space which you have to play with.

These are just some of the shed designs which we have fallen in love with, all of which go to show exactly what is possible when you are on the hunt for a new shed.