Considering the current times we live in, the constant increases in energy bill prices and the undoubtable global warming threatening the wellbeing of our planet, there is no better time than the present to join the sustainable movement and start making a difference. Any progress, big or small, is vital to our environment which is why starting at your own home is the first step to take.

Having an energy-efficient home means that you can do more with less. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, but it is also likely to reduce your energy bills significantly. There is a noticeable difference in the number of people who are seeking these modern, energy-efficient properties now in comparison to pre-pandemic times. There are a few reasons lying behind this and it is not only the conscious decision to act in a more ecologically friendly manner, but the ever-growing cost of living nowadays as well as the financial aspect is also of a big concern for many.

Insulate Your Home

One way to ensure that there is no warm air escaping your home or alternatively cold air entering it is to insulate your floor, roof and walls. It has been estimated that as much as a third of your heating could escape through your walls, which means that the energy you use to heat up rooms will be even more. It is important that we all make smart decisions about how much and in what way we consume energy. What’s more, insulating your home will essentially give it a renewed appearance as well as improve efficiency, sound and draught-proof. An easy way to stop cold air entering your house from your floorboards is to place more carpets or rugs, especially during winter months. Not only will it provide some comfort and warmth for your feet, but it will also stop any air leaks either way. One part which most people tend to often forget is the roof and as much as there is air escaping from the floor and walls, there is just as much going through the roof. An estimate of around 20% of your energy bill can be cut if you choose to insulate your roof, according to the government.

Switch to LED Lightbulbs

Most older houses will have less advanced and less efficient features which could be bringing your energy consumption up massively. Being mindful about those and then doing something to change them into more eco-friendly options is a great way to begin creating your smart and efficient home. Light bulbs are one of those items which can be easily replaced. The upfront payment for LED lights could be a bit higher than normal lightbulbs, however, the end results from them could be significantly and it is well worth the extra bit of spending.

Solar Panels

Using renewable energy is one of the most environmentally friendly practices out there and if it is possible for your home and your budget, installing solar panels could become your only source of energy. As it derives the energy from the sun and then converts it into electricity, making sure that the conditions surrounding your house are favorable is essential. For instance, if you live in a shaded area or in a country which does not get much sunlight, solar panels may not be the choice for you. If, however, the conditions are in your favour, an investment into renewable energy could make your home really energy efficient.

Smart Meters

The best way to control your energy consumption is to truly understand it, how it works, and when it works the most. You could achieve that by installing a smart meter for your home where you could check anything from what hours of the day you tend to consume the most, but most importantly, which area of your home normally consumes the most. You might find interesting insights into how your house works, perhaps why you shouldn’t overfill your kettle as well. Having this knowledge will help you be able to save energy better and more efficiently. Moreover, it won’t cost you a penny as most electricity providers offer smart meter installation for free.

It is no secret that some of the best ways to become more energy efficient are connected to having good financial health, however, that initial investment could end up really saving you thousands of pounds each year and it is likely to pay off in the end. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to afford installation of solar panels for example, simply switching up your lightbulbs from regular ones to LED is good enough to make a difference both to your home and the environment simultaneously. 

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