It’s a delight to see birds in the spring and summer, as they build nests in anticipation of their young. These determined birds don’t always make the right choices about where they will nest. Although it is enjoyable to have birds nesting in areas near your business or in parks, they can also be a nuisance and even dangerous. You can prevent birds from creating nests by learning how to stop them with our solid bird control solutions.

How to stop birds from building a nest near your structures

Even if you love birds, there are many reasons why you might want them away from certain areas of your building. A happy bird couple might build their nest right above the window ledge. You don’t want nesting birds to build a nest around commercial buildings. Bird droppings, which can carry up to 60 diseases, can not only be messy but also dangerous. These are some tips to help you avoid making a mess.

Prune the Garden

For birds to build their nests, shrubs, trees, and bushes provide safe places. These plants provide shelter and protection for birds by being cut back.

Make your nesting options more attractive

You might be able lure them to a different nesting area if they prefer one location over the other. To lure birds away from your home, you can provide them with a birdhouse, or an attractive nesting place.

Eliminate Food Sources

Birds will nest in areas that offer security and food access. Consider moving any birdhouses or plants that birds use to feed from until the nesting season.

Create Barriers

Bird netting and fences can be used to block birds from entering a particular area.

Block Cavity Entryways

Cavity nesting birds may find dangerous spaces like air vents and pipe fittings.

Use mirrors

Birds prefer quiet, undisturbed places for nesting. Hanging mirrors and other reflective surfaces can create light flashes that may deter birds from building a nest near your home.

Make Slopes

Birds can nest in ledges to protect themselves from predators. These ledges can be protected from nesting birds by being slopped with a board, or Bird Slide slopes.

How to stop birds from building a nest on your commercial building

You may think that bird nests on commercial buildings are not a big deal. Your customers may not notice the birds, but they are all around. Bird droppings can also cause damage to commercial property. Bird droppings can cause damage to your car paint, and even corrode metal and stone. Nesting birds can damage tiles and nesting materials in electrical signs can pose a fire hazard. You can eliminate nesting problems by identifying the nesting areas of birds on your commercial property, and then trying several remedies.

Common Spaces Birds Create Nests on Commercial Properties

Commercial areas are often a great place to nest because birds look for security and food. Even busy shopping malls offer security with high roofs and warm electric signs. These are the most popular places birds’ nest in close proximity to commercial buildings.

  • * Building ledges
  • * Light fixtures
  • * Warehouse rafters and building supports
  • * Signs that are electric
  • * Shipping and Receiving Docks

How to stop birds from building a nest on your business

It doesn’t matter if you want to prevent bird nests in your home or business, but it is important to use safe methods and not move nests that are already there. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects most bird nests. Bird nests cannot be removed until the nest has been empty. You can prevent nest building from happening before you have to. This will help you avoid the problems that unwanted birds can cause.

You can determine the best way to prevent new nests once you have identified where birds are nesting on commercial property. It may be more difficult to prevent birds nesting around commercial buildings than it is from your home. It’s possible with the right tools. These are some tips to help you protect your property by stopping birds from creating a nest.

Install signs

Customers who have the chance to feed the birds at your property will not leave if they are allowed to do so. To discourage people leaving food for birds, post signs.

Block Entrances to Semi-Enclosed Spaces

Bird nets, plastic barriers and fences can be used to block access to areas where birds nest.

Make a disagreeable surface

Birds require security and shelter to build their nests. You can avoid nesting on ledges or other areas that attract nesting behavior by using specialized products. You can use products such as bird spikes and slopes, or electrified tracks with other deterrents to get complete results.

Provide Efficient Waste Removal

Birds can find food easily in trash. Make sure you regularly empty and cover outdoor dumpsters or trash cans on commercial property.

Birds are fascinating and beautiful. You don’t want birds protecting their nests every morning while you commute to work or ruining your business by their messy nesting habits. It is best to prevent birds from creating a nest from the start. Solid Avian Solutions offers a range of solutions to stop birds from nesting in your home or workplace. For more information, visit our website or contact us today to find out about the best options for your commercial property.