Microtech Knives is a well-known brand for its high tolerance levels in construction, its use of high-quality parts, and its non-conformist design aesthetics. Many consider the production line-up of Microtech Knives to be automatic OTF (out-the-front) abundant, with manual folders following behind slightly in mass recognition.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at the different types of Microtech knives so that you can better understand what sets this brand apart from the rest.

  • One of the most popular types of Microtech knives is the Ultratech. The Ultratech is an automatic knife that features a double-action OTF blade. This means that the blade can be deployed with a button and then retracted with another push. The Ultratech also has a glass breaker on the end of the handle, making it an excellent choice for emergencies.
  • Another popular type of Microtech knife is the HALO. The HALO is a manual knife that features a double-edged dagger blade. The HALO is named after the “halo effect” created when the blade is deployed. This effect is created by the fact that the blade extends past the handle when it is deployed, creating a halo-like shape.
  • The last type of Microtech knife that we’re going to discuss is the SOCOM Elite. The SOCOM Elite is an automatic knife that features a tanto blade. The SOCOM Elite is designed for military and law enforcement personnel. It is one of the most durable and rugged knives in the Microtech line-up.

Microtech Knives are some of the most well-crafted and well-designed knives on the market today. If you’re looking for a knife that will stand up to any challenge, you need to check out our vast Microtech Knives at https://eaglevalleycutlery.com/.