Don’t you want your kitchen to look as appealing and welcoming as possible? This desire may sometimes leave you torn on the best color to apply to make it as beautiful and warm as possible.

 If you are stuck in the same place and wondering what color will fit you, the following factors will help you to make the right choice. Visit for more ideas.

1.     Lighting

The amount of light in your kitchen will help you decide whether you need a dark or bright theme for your cabinet. If the kitchen is small and squeezed, chances are that there is less light, and thus a blight color will apply, making the kitchen feel cozy.

If the kitchen is spacious and well-lit, dark colors will help to balance and make the kitchen appear refined.

2.     Wall and Floor Color

While there is no rule concerning whether the kitchen cabinet color should be lighter or darker in relation to the wall color, choosing the best match will be creative. You want a match that makes you feel welcome in your kitchen, and deciding the best color that matches your kitchen wall and floor will help in reaching this goal.

3.     Maintenance

Maintenance is a major factor to consider, especially if young children are in your home or you independently run the house. Light and white colors will need constant cleanup to keep the kitchen as neat as possible, as these colors show dirt and grime easily.

Therefore, dark colors will suit your kitchen cabinet if your work schedule is tight and your young ones are around.

4.     Timelessness

Don’t you want a theme that will last long and still be in fashion? Some paints and colors fade easier and faster than others. Choosing a timeless color will ensure that your kitchen maintains glamour for a long time without needing to repaint occasionally.

White color for the kitchen cabinet has remained most fashionable in style, unbeaten over time.

5.     Kitchen Design

The design you have chosen for your kitchen cabinet will help you choose the right color to use. When you opt for a traditional design, white or cream colors will give your kitchen a great theme, contrary to a modern design that uses melamine, which works best with bold colors like red and blue.

6.     Cost

Cost is a major factor that you will need to consider. You not only want to make your kitchen as attractive and warm as possible, but you also want to choose a color that is friendly to your financial standing.

Choosing the color and paint that is affordable to buy and apply will help you save some cash to meet other needs.


In a nutshell, considering the factors like lighting, wall color, maintenance, timelessness, kitchen design, and cost enable you to attain your desired taste and theme in your kitchen. With the above factors at hand, you have an opportunity to choose from a wide range of kitchen cabinet designs and colors. With this and many other blogs on our site, we always ensure there is something good for you.