It is not surprising that self-builders can get confused with many things to think about when designing houses. It is also easy to overlook the critical aspects of the building that could bring out significant outcomes on the finished property.

As a result, we have selected three tips you could use when designing your house to ensure you come up with an excellent finished property.

Develop a Budget that Goes Beyond the Construction Work

Your finances are vital in dictating the final result of your building. Factoring in the cost of construction work may make it easy to forget the other significant building elements that should be encountered alongside this.

Having a broader budget allows you to consider several aspects that will ensure outstanding building outcomes. It also allows you to include elements such as front entry doors and attractive features for your house.

Moreover, you will need to spend a lot of money on things that seem minor on their own but have the potential, to sum up to thousands of pounds when collected together. As a result, you should budget for the following:

  • Landscaping cost
  • Site surveys
  • Service connections
  • Local and professional authority fees
  • Insurance and finance costs
  • Access from the highway

While you can accurately predict the price of some elements, such as sewer connection charges and planning fees, others can only be estimated.

Reducing Noise

Most people often overlook soundscape when developing house plans. One of the main problems we often face in our living environments is unwanted noise. Moreover, it is common and results from the entertainment gadgets we have within our houses.

Therefore, it is essential that you use a robust soundproof fabric within your home. The soundproofing should also be well-sealed and as strong as possible. Sound often travels with a depression mechanism; for instance, it easily moves from the rooms above to the lower rooms. Therefore, families with the loudest members should avoid staying in the attic or second floor.

It is also advisable to factor in a living room isolated from active areas or snug when designing an open plan that has become commonplace. That way, you will create an oasis that is quiet enough for critical activities like homework or reading.

How About the Storage Solutions?

Most new homeowners often overlook having great storage spaces. Understandably, you may not be able to determine the number of possessions you will need to store in the future, especially during the early stages of house planning.

You must brainstorm on the property you are likely to store in the future after completing the building process. That way, you can come up with the most suitable style and size of storage space for a practical storage solution. Your house should not look like garages that lack spaces for cars yet are likely to hold unwanted Christmas presents, gym equipment, bikes, and other debris.


Planning for a house design is essential for every building process, as it ensures that you come up with an appropriate and suitable finished property. The three important tips for having a superb house include budgeting beyond construction costs, implementing soundproof strategies, and thinking about storage solutions.