If you have an old shed that you want to get rid of, you do not need to hire someone to do it for you. If you have the right tools and the patience, this is a job you can take care of yourself. However, according to the good folk at Devour Tools, it is not just a case of grabbing a saw fitted with a diamond 4.5 blade and hacking at everything within reach; there is more to dismantling a shed than that. Below are a few instructions that should help you to remove your old structure in the safest way.

Remove Trims and Facias

Your old shed is likely to have looked beautiful once and will have been fitted with various trims and facia boards to give it a professional looking finish. As these were probably the last part to be fitted, they will be the first thing removed. You can take these off by unscrewing all the screws. If screw heads have been worn away or have rusted over time, you can use a crowbar to pull them away from the main structure.

Remove the Doors and Windows

The next thing to do is to remove any windows and doors. The doors will have hinges with screws that can be removed with a manual or power screwdriver. Once you have removed the hinges from the main structure of the shed, you can remove them from the doors too. This will make recycling the old door easier.

The window frames can be removed with your screwdriver. Be extra careful if the window pane is made from glass, although most shed windows are made from Perspex nowadays, which makes the job easier.

Take the Roof Off

The next thing to be removed is the roof. You will probably need to remove the felt sheet that has been tacked to the roof boards. You will need to dispose of this felt as it cannot be recycled or reused. You can then remove the roof boards by unscrewing them from the frame of the shed. Roof boards are usually quite large, so it is a good idea to have someone to help you when taking them off.

Remove the Frame

At this point, you should have the shed frame and the floor. The frame will likely have a roof brace that attaches the front and back of the frame. This should be removed first but remember when you do take this out that the walls will no longer have support, so extra care must be taken to prevent them from falling before they are unscrewed.

When the roof brace is removed, start by unscrewing the frame from the floor before moving on to the screws holding each wall to the other. This is a two-person job as you will need someone to hold the frame as you remove the screws.

How Difficult is it to Dismantle a Shed

With the right tools and an extra pair of hands, you can dismantle a shed quite easily. It is best to follow the instructions above to ensure that the shed is taken apart safely. To make the job quicker and easier, you should use an electric screwdriver with a variety of screwheads. A handheld power saw may also be useful should you come across difficult-to-remove screws.

More than anything else, make sure that you are wearing the necessary protective clothing and using the appropriate equipment to reduce the risk of injury. At the very least, you should have a hard hat and safety goggles, but steel-capped boots are also recommended.