To legally rent out a property, landlords must have a GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATE, which verifies that all gas appliances within the building are in good working order and up to code.

If you’re a landlord, you should ensure your boiler was installed by a professional; otherwise, it could be one of the 25 million unauthorized installations performed in 2017. How well do you understand the signs to look for if you’ve been exposed to carbon monoxide?

About the gas safety certificate

If you’re a landlord, one of your many duties is ensuring your tenant has a gas safety certificate they may use. You can use this certificate to prove that a gas-safe qualified engineer has inspected your home’s chimneys, appliances, and necessary fixtures within the past 12 months. Get more info on landlord certificates.

It stems back to the days when CORGI was in charge of ensuring the safety of all gas equipment in a building, hence the other names (CORGI Proforma or CP12). Since 2009, the Gas Safety Register has been in charge; it is where all gas engineers in the UK can be found on the official list of those qualified to work on gas appliances. You can discover a list of licensed engineers in your area on their website, as they are the only ones authorized to perform their inspections. As a landlord, investing in a gas service contract that covers maintenance and inspections once a year is in your best interest. As part of this yearly service, you can also quickly renew your gas safety inspection certificate. Tenants can rest easy knowing that any problems with the boiler or other gas appliances can be quickly and efficiently addressed thanks to the protections afforded by a service contract. When a gas emergency arises, your renters will have a direct line of communication with the service provider.

When issued, how long does a gas safety certificate remain valid?

It would be best if you renewed your renters’ CP12 certificates every 12 months, and you must do it no later than 28 days after the prior certificate has expired. If you have any new tenants, you need to give them one before or no later than 28 days after they move in.

When a gas safety certificate expires, how long does the landlord need to retain it?

Keep all your old ones for at least two years to show a compliance record if necessary.

The landlord doesn’t have a gas safety certificate; what should I do?

If your landlord does not ensure the safety of the gas appliances in your unit, they could face fines, and you could be afforded additional protections in case of an eviction attempt.

If occupants provide their gas appliances, what happens then?

Tenants are responsible for their appliances if they have brought them with them. The only components of a rental property that are the landlord’s responsibility to maintain are the chimney and any fixtures. Still, it’s better to be cautious than sorry; thus, they should be included in any inspection.

What aspects of a building should be checked?

All gas-using appliances and tools will be inspected yearly as part of a routine gas safety inspection. The gas line, the boiler, and any gas fireplaces are all included in this.

The following should also be part of the inspection:

  • Make sure all the appliances are securely fastened and comply with safety standards.
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation.
  • Compare the pressures on the burner and gas to the plates provided by the manufacturer.
  • It would be best to inspect the chimney’s flue to ensure flammable materials are being expelled.
  • Keep an eye on the gas pressure at all times.

All gas appliances and items should be inspected for improper use, and safety devices should be tested to ensure they function correctly.

How much does a gas safety certificate cost for a landlord?

There is no oversight of gas inspection costs by the Gas Safety Regulator. Therefore, prices can differ widely according to who you choose to work with. Consequently, it would be best if you looked around at different options. Don’t choose the first result you see; instead, come up with a shortlist of three.

It’s also crucial to ensure you work with the most beautiful folks you can find. Since Gas Safety Engineers are required to be licensed experts, you can rest assured that you’ll work with someone trustworthy; yet, not all of them are created equal. You may ask around or check out the reviews online.

In conclusion, It shouldn’t cost the landlord too much time or money to get a gas safety certificate, but it is necessary.