Residents in Nampa may tell you that bed bugs don’t cause as much damage as termites, but you don’t have to live with these annoying insects. For the unversed, bed bugs are small insects that look reddish-brown in color and feed on the blood of human and animal hosts. Most people don’t see these pests because bed bugs are the most active at night and often crawl into the corners and nooks during the daytime. If you are unsure of whether you have a similar situation at hand or need help with fixing the menace, calling a professional company for pest control Nampa is a good idea. Below are some key things to know.

Signs that you have bed bugs at home

If you have bed bugs thriving inside your home, you may find signs like:

  1. Bite marks on your body that often appear in a row
  2. Blood stains on sheets and linens
  3. Stains on your clothes
  4. Eggs that appear off-white in color
  5. Specks around furniture, which are usually fecal droppings
  6. Moving bugs around the house

Calling a pest control company in Nampa

There are many local companies in Nampa that specialize in comprehensive pest control and offer bespoke solutions for bed bug menace. There are treatments involving steam, pesticides, and heat that can help get rid of these pests, but the final option depends on other factors. When you call a company for assistance, they will send their pest control experts for an inspection, which is often free. The exterminators will look for signs of bugs, figure out the extent of the infestation, and decide on a treatment plan. Based on these details, they will share an estimate, which means you don’t have to deal with surprises later.

How much does pest control cost?

Usually, the professionals will determine the number of rooms that must be treated, and the estimates are also based on the chosen treatment plan and method. With top companies, you have guaranteed pricing with no room for unwanted add-ons and hidden charges. What you should focus on is the guarantee on the job. A competent pest control service should offer 100% assurance for their work, and if the situation persists, they should re-treat your home for free.

Before you get a company on board, make sure to ask them about their approach. A company that relies on environment-friendly products and takes steps to mitigate the side effects of pest control is an ideal choice.