It might be time for you to replace your kitchen countertop. This is exciting and one of the most used items in your home. Many homeowners underestimate how often the kitchen countertop is used. The kitchen area is truly the highest traffic area for most families. Replacing your countertop can truly transform your kitchen area and give your home an upgrade that adds value. As you are working through the details of your new kitchen, you will notice there are a lot of countertop options to choose from. Pay attention to your budget, design ideas, and durability as you decide what the best replacement countertop is for you.

Best Kitchen Countertop Materials


Quartz looks a lot like stone but requires a lot less maintenance. This means you don’t have to worry about hot spots or knives on your quartz countertops. There are so many colors and patterns you can choose from with a quartz countertop. You will need to keep an eye on all of your edges because over time they can wear and need to be repaired.


Bend Oregon Real Estate Experts off this advice: Granite countertops are highly desired. Every single countertop will be unique to itself. All of the cooking elements like heat or scratches will not damage your granite countertop. Granite countertops come polished and finished and sealed for you. You will have to maintain your granite by having it resealed over time, so the material does not stain. Your corners can also chip and need to be repaired just the same as a quartz countertop.

Soapstone, Limestone, and Marble

These countertops are great when it comes to heat resistance. They can all suffer from scratching but can be repaired by sanding and resealing or applying mineral oil. Limestone is known for its more natural look and is the best when it comes to heat resistance. In some cases, soapstone can become too stained for cleaning, and you will also see this with limestone or marble, so this can be a concern for some homeowners.


Calgary Real Estate Expert Greg Kennedy offers this advice: Laminate is inexpensive and easy to install. Nowadays you can find some really good-looking laminate. There are a lot of different prints and decorative touches you can choose from. Laminate can sustain damage from stains and heat. You cannot cut directly on laminate either because it will damage it. Laminate can be inexpensive but may not be worth it in th elong run because of how easily damaged it is.

Solid Surfacing

You can find solid surfacing in many patterns and colors. You see this used in a lot of areas like counters or sinks and even backsplash. Solid surfacing does get damaged easily so it is advised to always use a cutting board and be cautious about what you place directly on it.

Recycled Glass

Using solid glass can give a beautiful more contemporary look. Glass counters typically fair well against stains, cuts, or scratches.

Butcher Block

Dallaire Realty, Green Bay Wisconsin Real Estate Professionals offer these tips: A butcher block is a very popular option because it adds a lot of warmth, is easy to install, and is easy to repair. You can cut directly onto the surface and you can always sand a revarnish the surface.

In Conclusion

Whatever you decide is best for your new kitchen countertop, you want to make sure you have done your research and stayed within budget. Work alongside a professional who knows how to properly install so you can enjoy every aspect of your new kitchen upgrade.