Birds can add music and beauty to your backyard but can also cause havoc by eating plants, nesting in trees, and leaving potentially hazardous droppings. If you have a bird problem on your property, talk to an expert today to learn more about wildlife removal in Arlington, VA

There are methods for keeping birds away from your home without hurting them. Simple home methods that effectively repel birds without causing damage to your yard or property can be used to create a no-fly zone above your property. 

Remove the source of the birds’ presence on your property. 

Is it a matter of food, water, or shelter? The simplest technique to keep nuisance birds at bay is eliminating or restricting the supplies available in your yard. 

  • Water features 

Birds such as geese will most likely find your water feature. To keep birds out, drain or cover the feature. 

  • Food that birds eat 

Prevent berry-producing plants or surround them with fine metal mesh netting. If a lot of birds are taking over your feeder, contact your local wildlife agency to find out what kind of seed they would not eat. 

  • Places they can roost 

Steer birds away from bushes and trees by regularly trimming them to reduce the cover that birds seek. 

Things to scare birds away 

Fear is another bird deterrent, regardless of their motivation for making your land their home. The following are some possible solutions: 

  • Wind-moving flags are the cheapest and most effective technique to scare birds. 
  • Predator statues that may be moved around every few days, such as lifelike coyotes, owls, snakes, cats, or even scarecrows. 
  • Objects with a high sheen, such as foil pans, old CDs, or silver reflective tape. 
  • Huge bright balls hung from trees or in the garden will appear like eyes to birds. 
  • Flashing lights.
  • A loud noise, like a wind chime. 

How to naturally get rid of birds? 

  • Baking soda 

Sprinkle baking soda in areas where you have seen birds in your yard. They do not like how it feels on their feet. 

  • Chili pepper mixture 

Combine 24 green or red chili peppers with a quarter cup of vinegar and half a gallon of water. Warm the ingredients in a crock pot or simply in a container outside. Once blended and cooled, pour the contents into a spray bottle and spray the liquid on the spots where the birds like to perch. Reapply every few days or after a rainstorm. 

  • Bird netting 

Cover up the region you want the birds to avoid with bird netting.