Whether it is a case of irregular water pressure in your home or a constant surge of high-pressure water, there is an issue that needs to be addressed. While the high water pressure may feel wonderful in the shower, having too high of water pressure in your home can actually cause a lot of damage that would otherwise actually be fairly easy to avoid. Not to mention how much more money high water pressure adds to your water bill over time.

Telling If Your Pressure Is Too High

The quickest way of knowing if you have high water pressure in your home is to simply just observe your water. If it seems to be jetting out of your sink with a lot of pressure, you may want to do some further investigating. However, another common sign that you may have high water pressure includes banging in your pipes. To be sure if you have a high water pressure or not you will want to get a pressure gauge and apply it to the outlet hose or faucet that is closest to your water meter. Any reading over 80 psi is far too high and needs to be addressed.

Fixing High-Pressure Water Issues

Whether your water is only occasionally rising about 80 psi or it is consistently far too high, you will want to make sure the situation is rectified. This can be done by installing a water pressure regulator on your main water line. This device slows down the flow of water that is coming into your home in order to keep the pressure at a safe level. No more damage being caused to your pipes and faucets and no more paying extra on your water bills.

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