Along with the increasing requirements for the quality of housing and energy saving, the requirements for the quality of the air we breathe are also developing. Insulated rooms and insufficient ventilation lead to a deterioration in the air condition.

In the conditions of overcrowded cities, gas-polluted streets, proximity to industrial enterprises, no one can guarantee that the atmosphere of your home is clean enough. The air that enters apartments from streets is polluted. Therefore, it is extremely important to use devices designed to clean the air from small particles that often cause respiratory diseases, allergies, and other ailments.

Pros of air conditioning systems

Lennox filters are one of the leading goods in the industry. Like any other air purifier, they help cope with the following problems:

  1. Clean the atmosphere inside a room from dust, animal hair, bacteria, tobacco smoke, and other smells.
  2. Prevent the development of pathogenic viruses and organisms. Ionization destroys up to 90% of harmful microorganisms.
  3. Save energy and improve efficiency.
  4. Control air humidity and eliminates dryness.
  5. Devices with HEPA filters clean the air from allergens.
  6. Provide comfort in living premises.

Although the benefits of HVAC equipment are obvious at first glance, many people still believe in some myths about these products. Let’s debunk them.

Myths about air conditioning systems

When discussing modern technologies, one sometimes hears the opinion that air purification systems harm the human body. Therefore, it is worth debunking these delusions.

  1. The cause of allergies. Some people claim that goods serve as the cause of allergy emergence. To their mind, devices contain a lot of harmful particles that filters keep inside the product. As a result, these elements serve as bacteria breeding ground. In practice, everything is the opposite. It is true that the product keeps dust and other particles on the filter. But do not forget that it is necessary to wash filters from time to time. If you read an instruction to the device, it is advisable to rinse it or clean it with soap periodically. So, the good can’t be the reason for allergy emergence as it is designed to cope with particles that cause allergies.
  2. Dry skin. Someone can hear the point of view that air conditioning systems make skin dry. But it is not true. Vice versa, air purifies maintain the required air humidity in rooms. Batteries and heating devices are constantly turned on in offices, apartments, and even cafes and shops. Due to this fact, rooms are warm and comfortable. But as a result, the air dries up, so the skin actively gives off moisture and does not receive it from the outside. As you see, our skin gets dry due to overheating in living premises. HEPA equipment that is equipped with a thermostat maintains that required temperature level and controls the necessary level of humidity. As a result, skin doesn’t lose moisture quickly.
  3. The device is the source of infection spread. Some people claim that particles kept on filters are the source of many infections. This point correlates with the first one to some extent. People believe that particles are able to provoke the growth of bacteria, which leads to their proliferation. Pay attention to the fact that it is important to take care of the device. It means that an owner should clean it timely. In this case, the good will cope with bacteria in the air. So, it will reduce the possibility to get infected.

When deciding on buying the good, read attentively instructions, and do not get confused with myths. If you read a specialized article on this topic, you’ll find out that all of them can be easily debunked by proven facts and data.